All Oregano Oil are not created equal!

All Oregano Oil's are not created equal blog image
Did you know! That all Oregano Oil are not created equal.

There are 3 different grades of oregano oil. A must read article so you know what grade of this essential oil you are using and how you are using it!

  • Aromatherapy Grade—Extreme high temperatures used to extract most of the essential oil from the plant. High temperatures may cause the oil to turn toxic. Great for use in diffusers, but not food grade!
  • Topical Use Grade—Extreme high temperatures are also used to extract most of the essential oil from the plant. This may also be toxic. Good for topical use mixed with other carrier oils, also not food grade!
  • Food Grade—Much higher cost to produce because of much lower temperatures are used to extract the oil and in return you are getting much less oil in order to be certified “Organic Food Grade”. Can you guess why some essential oils are very cheap while others are so expensive?

    Most of the cheap $10.00 oregano oil purchased online may state that their product is 100% pure, but do you know what grade it is? These cheap products could be any one of these grades unless the label clearly states that it is “Food Grade”. Does the label of the brand of Oregano Oil you are currently using has “Food Grade” written on the label?……. If not, do you know what grade it is?

Healthy Health brand of Oregano Oil has been selling “Food Grade” oregano oil since 2004. It says so right on the label! The plants are grown wild high in the mountains of Western TURKEY and processed in an ECO Certified (French & German) organic method processing plant. One of the best oregano oil sold in the US.

So! Do you still think all oregano oils are created equal?